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Taking Care of Each Other – Election 2016

We can easily start to believe our world is falling apart with all the soundbites and rhetoric. Some days I feel really overwhelmed by the hatred and division I see exploited by our various media sources. Some days I want to choose the log cabin in the woods in some far off wilderness where I can just hang out with a barnyard of animals and a pack of dogs. Really. I’d bring my record player once I learned how to set up some solar panels via the internet.

Other days I am awed by the simple kindness I see between strangers on the street when they lend each other a hand. Everyday we have the opportunity to lift each other up. That in itself is a radical move towards building unified, supportive communities. It is in our small communities that we can foster kindness, compassion and empathy. I see my neighbors and fellow business owners offering up ways to support their communities – like the Real Girls, Hope for Borno and Gardner Family Chiropractic. It’s the local person on the street that offers a simple hello to the new comer that gives me hope.

We are led to believe that the next president will be either the cause or the solution to all of our problems. When we turn off the twitter feed and the tv, we start to get perspective and remember that there is no one person that holds that power. We are going to get a new president. And then we are going to have to do our individual work to create healthier, stronger communities. We are going to remind our elected officials they are public servants and are here to serve the people. We are going to speak up for what we believe is just and we are going to hold each others humanity above all else. Here’s to creating a more beautiful world together. I’d love to hear what you feel empowered to do.

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