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People’s Medicine Workshop April 2018

We are very excited to be organizing a People’s Medicine Workshop that will be hosted at Flemington DIY with a few of our areas insightful and passionate herbalists! REGISTER HERE (*by April 5, 2018 to secure your spot!) At JCA,…

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August Happy Healthy Fun Pack

The Happy Healthy Fun Pack for August includes: Two Lemon Verbena Candles with Eco Wax Dr. Bronners Peppermint Toothpaste Love Buzz Fair Trade + Organic Ground Coffee Turmeric Tea for Healthy Joints Lemongrass Essential Oil BUY NOW Choose Monthly Subscription…

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Are All Vitamins Created Equally?

The best vitamins for our bodies come from real, whole foods. It would be a sweet life if our foods gave us everything we needed and we made all the right food choices everyday. I would eat a rainbow of…

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What, When and Where to Put Things in Your Mouth.

Eating 101. Eating, the process can be joyous; your taste buds are alive, your body is being nourished and sustained. Most people have some forms of joyous eating, followed by days of indecision. Stress and hurried lifestyle lead to a…

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