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People’s Medicine Workshop April 2018

We are very excited to be organizing a People’s Medicine Workshop that will be hosted at Flemington DIY with a few of our areas insightful and passionate herbalists! REGISTER HERE (*by April 5, 2018 to secure your spot!) At JCA,…

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Reduce Stress With These DIY Treatments

Stress effects all of us. The more tools we have to reduce stress, the better we feel. Some tools work better at certain times than others and some aren’t always available. The more options we have, the more prepared we…

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New Year + Awesome You!

With the new year, we get a lot of images and jargon thrown at us about finding our NEW selves. We will be better, stronger, smarter, thinner, more beautiful and of course richer. I’m here to say NO Thank You…

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Leadership Across Divide: Part One

I’m really excited to attend a women’s leadership retreat that takes into account the divides we have in our communities and within us individually. How can we be effective leaders, more, how can we be a strong community, when we…

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Holistic Health Includes the Whole Family

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”  -Aristotle, Metaphysica In holistic health, we speak about treating the whole person. It makes sense.  We are complex beings with emotions, thoughts, and body parts. Each choice we make affects…

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The Breathing Room

–Thich Nhat Hanh We have a room for everything – eating, sleeping, watching TV – but we have no room for Mindfulness. I recommend that we set up a small room in our homes and call it a ‘Breathing Room’,…

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