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All Kind of Healing

The fabric of our health is made up of all that we do: what we eat, what methods of healthcare we use, what we do on a daily basis, how we treat our bodies, how we treat each other and the access we have to healthy means of living. Some of us find healing in nature, others in music, others in city streets filled with community and creativity.

For many of us, it’s a mixture of things. Some methods of healing or wellness may be more appropriate at different times. When my chest is tight and I feel anxious, I like to go for a walk or jog and get my blood moving and my lungs opened up. When my back hurts, I like to have my dear friend give me some acupuncture. In the evening when I want a bit of comfort and connection to the earth, I boil some water and make an herbal infusion to sip.

There is no magic pill or other worldly treatment that will fix all of our pain and hurting. We weave a life that support us when we utilize the practices that keep us well. I’m hoping you can explore all kinds of ways to heal this year. You can get a taste of you options on Saturday, February 25 in the borough of Flemington when local businesses will offer up free workshops and events and special deals so you can explore different options to support your wellness.

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