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People’s Medicine Workshop April 2018

We are very excited to be organizing a People’s Medicine Workshop that will be hosted at Flemington DIY with a few of our areas insightful and passionate herbalists! REGISTER HERE (*by April 5, 2018 to secure your spot!) At JCA,…

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The Strength of Herbal Medicine

The tradition and clinical application of Chinese herbal medicine is dynamic and time tested. The first written documentation on Traditional Chinese Medicine is the HungDi NeiJing or Yellow Emperor’s Cannon of Internal Medicine. HungDi NeiJing is the oldest medical textbook…

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Fresh Ginger Tea for Digestion

Making ginger tea is really easy and just smelling it “cook” in your giant mug may help relieve your nausea. Go to your favorite locally owned health food store, like the Basil Bandwagon here in Flemington. Buy some of their…

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